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Form an LLC


I am pleased that you engaged this website to assist you in connection with forming a California limited liability company.  As a business attorney, I routinely form California Limited Liability Companies (LLCs), and will provide you with consultation on how to operate your company, including minutes and resolutions.   I supply you with a professional corporate binder for your formation documents.I draft and file with the Secretary of State of California your new Articles of Organization and the required Statement of Information;


An LLC’s operating agreement needs to be carefully drafted for your particular company’s business purposes, members, and participants. Will you have equal voting rights? Units? Please call to speak to an attorney now.


Anytime that an LLC’s members call a meeting, it must give proper notice of the meeting to all the members. Most of the time, members fail to give notice. This is the purpose of the waiver; all members at the meeting will sign and waive notice of the meeting.


Your CSBL attorney will draft a suggested company’s first meeting minutes. During this first meeting you will record company decisions such as where you will bank, who will serve as officers, S-corp elections, agents, and more. It is essential that you form and operate your company properly. We will show you how. Call us today.


Your CSBL attorney will draft a suggested company’s first resolution. A resolution is a significant decision the company makes which requires a separate document. Call us today.

In addition, I supply you with the documents necessary to apply for a Seller’s Permit with the California State Board of Equalization.

I will supply via email, the Microsoft Word documents for the Operating Agreement, Minutes, Waivers, and Resolution. Please use these Word documents to revise or add to any of the documents, and for any future meetings or resolutions you may have.

My practice places client satisfaction as a paramount goal, and I have always recognized that client satisfaction depends on both the quality of my legal work and, as important, on strong relationships built on mutual respect and good will. I always attached a receipt for the attorney services provided. I very much appreciate the opportunity to help you. Don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions. I wish you the best of luck, and invite you to call upon me for any future legal needs.


Your attorney will represent you in a consultation and the formation of a California limited liability company for one flat fee. File Articles of Organization with Secretary of State of California. This includes filing the Statement of Information with Secretary of State of California.  Embossed Corporate Seal, Certificate, Consultation with Attorney, Corporate Binder. Most importantly, you have an attorney to consult and ask questions. An attorney is ready to help you. Call now.

Article By Attorney Christopher Canton

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