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Landlord Businesses

Top Ten Legal Mistakes That Can Sink Your Landlord Business Know the laws in your state before you rent out space. Being a successful landlord requires lots of practical know-how, business moxie, and familiarity with the market. Until about 30 years ago, the law didn’t have much

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THE TAKINGS CLAUSE Sixty years ago, the Supreme Court stated that “the power over public lands thus entrusted to Congress is without limitations.”[1]  However, as subsequent decisions dictate, the federal government’s power to regulate non-federal lands under the Property Clause is not unlimited.[2]  For instance, while the

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Easement by Necessity – “Landlocked Property”

An easement by necessity allows an owner of a landlocked parcel to cross another person’s land in order to travel.  The California Court of Appeal recently decided on the issue of an easement by necessity.  Even if a parcel is completely land-locked and there is absolutely access

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